In which language are the questions and answers?

Our manuals are in English. Also the links to Google Help Sites lead to english Google websites for each Certification.

You can choose your language right before starting your Google exam at Google Partner. The certificate will be in the there elected language.

Are all answers correct?

Not all of our answers are correct, but the amount of correct answers is normally as high that you can pass through the exam. We can not influence the updating / modification through Google, therefore sometimes new questions arise before we find them and could update our manual.

Can I get my money back, after downloading this manual?

No. Our Digital products have no right for disconfirmation, what you have to sign (that you noted it) in the buying contract.

If we update the PDF manual (and it has modifications) in a period of 14 days after your bought, we’ll send you the updated data without charging.

How often do you prove your questions and answers?

Regularly (normally monthly).

Exam process Google Partner

Bear in mind:

  • Once you confirm an answer, you won’t be able to review the answer or change it.
  • If you end the exam early or the timer runs out before you’ve answered enough questions correctly, you won’t pass.

Google Partner Certification: PDF files for the individual exams

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Google Ads

PDF Google Ads Fundamentals PDF Google Ads Search Advertising PDF Google Ads Display Advertising

Google Analytics

PDF Google Analytics

Your challenges

  • You won’t miss at first try and wait 7 days for retry.
  • You’ll have to pass with 80% correct answers, to pass the exam.
  • You’ll have a lack of time (90 or 120 minutes – related to the exam):
    • for reading the question,
    • for reading the normally 4 possible answers
    • and to think about and decide for a (right?) answer to solve the question.
  • This exams aquire very high concentration an a calm surrounding as long as you’re in.
  • So, you can’t browse the questions while your’re in the exam – you’re logged in and time is ticking.

Disclaimer & FAQ

  • A right to claim completeness of exam questions does not exist. That’s technically impossible because Google inserts new questions in random intervals and shuffles them up with previous questions.
  • A right to claim passing the exam with this manual does not exist. All answers are secured, but some might be incorrect due to running Google Updates. Some answers might be outdated, misleading or even wrong.
  • It’s not possible to get 100% right answers. Some few questions have not the right answer. But usually the percentage of right answers is so high, that you’ll get your 80% and pass the exam.

All Google Certifications

You’ll find information & help for all Google Certifications on our sites:

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  3. Google Ads Video Certification
  4. Google Ads Mobile Certification
  5. Google Ads Display Certification
  6. Google Shopping Certification
  7. Google Mobile Sites
  8. Google Digital Sales
  9. Google Analytics