Question 11

Google Ads Search Advertising question 11

AdWords Editor lets users do all of these things except:

AdWords Editor lets users do all of these things except:

  • keep working while offline
  • export and import files
  • view statistics for all campaigns
  • simultaneously make edits to multiple accounts online

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Question 10:

Data shows that your client’s ad that appears to people in San Francisco gets 120 conversions at a cost of US$1200 and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of US$10, while ads showing in Houston get 70 conversions at a cost of US$1400 and a CPA of US$20. If you have a CPA goal of US$12, what bid adjustment would you set for each location?

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Question 12:

A client is asking you why he should evaluate the number of clicks on his search ads relative to the number of impressions received. What should you tell him?

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