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Google Mobile Sites exam

The in 2017 new Google Mobile Sites exam is one of the most exciting exams I’ve ever made with Google!
Interesting is f.e. the new Google Developers: image optimization – everybody who works with Google tools should read this and work through the exam.

This exam is a “stand-alone” – you’ll only need to pass through this exam to get your certificate.

This certificate is valid for 1 year.

Your certificate would look like this, if you passed through successfully:

2018 Google Mobile Sites certificate

Google Mobile Sites exam details

Google Mobile Sites exam details

  • 90 minutes exam duration
  • 65 questions
  • 80% passing score
  • 4 modules
  • Validity period of 12 months

Google Mobile Sites exam questions + answers

We collect the questions since years – here you can prove your knowledge:

Questions Google Mobile Sites:

llll➤ Google Mobile Sites: exam questions (68) 💡

Google AdWords Mobile Sites: exam study guide

Use this guide to help you study for the Mobile Sites exam.

1. Why mobile sites matter

Review the importance of mobile speed and user design.

2. Improve mobile site speed

Learn about how to improve mobile site speed and test it.

3. Create an effective mobile UX

Learn about user experience and design principles for mobile sites.

4. Advanced web technologies

Get an introduction to advanced web technologies.

Google Developer Certification

Worth mentioning it: a link to Google Code-School (Explore an Master Chrome DevTools):

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started & Basic DOM and Styles
  • Chapter 2: Advanced DOM and Styles
  • Chapter 3: Working With the Console
  • Chapter 4: Debugging JavaScript
  • Chapter 5: Improving Network Performance
  • Chapter 6: Improving Performance
  • Chapter 7: Memory Profiling

Manual: Google Mobile Sites

Buy our PDF manual with all exam questions and solutions:

PDF Google Mobile Sites

(Condition: April 2018 – 68 sheets)

In our PDF manual you’ll find the actual exam questions with answers (the correct solution has a green check mark) including a link to the Adwords Help Center for every question. You can prepare effective and fast for the Google exam with it. We collect the questions since years und put lots of time into the correct solutions. The data gets updated monthly. Despite, if you find a new question, don’t hesitate to send a screenshot to us – we would be pleased.

Save a lot of time with our manual!


  • Pass your exam at first attempt: save waiting & learning time ➤ find the right solution instant on Google
  • All questions & answers in one PDF-file – easy to search for
  • Be effective: Save a lot of time!


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